Maroon 5 V Tour Manila

God, tell us the reason youth is wasted on the young. Its hunting season and the lambs are on the run. Searching for meaning, but are we all lost stars, trying to light up the dark? – Lost Stars

Finally, after the long wait, I was able to attend the much waited 3rd concert of Maroon 5 in Manila last September 17, 2015. Before it took me to that special date, obtaining the ticket for the event had been a struggle for me since it’s already sold out few days after the release, so I have no other option but to look for a scalper that resells one – unfortunately at a higher price.

In a sea of people there was me, alone, standing and singing throughout the concert lol. To be honest, I enjoyed every single note of the music, it was fantastic and I appreciated the simplicity of the concert from stage setup combined with excellent light production. The day before the event, I already told myself not to capture a photo nor take a video of it. I realized that I will only truly enjoy the experience if I will let myself dwell into it. So if you’re wondering or looking for a taken shot, well, I still did a few – I can’t help it lol. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it while doing the captures hahaha.

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As an appetizer, the band “Dirty Loops” had been their front act. They were good, the vocalist has a powerful voice, and he was like throwing higher pitches and runs easily. I love their fast beat song Sexy Girls and especially Hit Me.

A bit of the concert
A bit of the concert

The concert kicked off with “Animals” fueling the momentous excitement of the fans. The beat smoothly transitioned to One More Night, followed by Stereo Hearts and Harder to Breathe. Below is the set list of the songs during the concert:

Maroon 5 Concert Set List
Maroon 5 Concert Set List – ctto

I was following this set list, but I never thought they will add one of their old time favorites “She will be loved” in the math. So instead of 16 songs from the original format, they had 17 in total. In the middle of the concert, Adam also remarked how he enjoyed the Filipino’s passion and enthusiasm for music.

I’ve been watching Adam ever since in the Voice US and some of the band’s performances in YouTube but I was amazed and they gave me a wrong impression. I thought they were not good in live performances, but now I attested that Adam has a powerful vocal, the band was fantastic – they know how to play with the crowd.

Of all the songs that they have sung, my favorites were – Lost Stars, This Love, Sunday Morning and their finale song Sugar.

Their concert was great, it’s worth the wait and pay. New bucket ticked off the list.



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