2016 Review: Dawn of Grit Decoded

I no longer want to mourn to the past nor see myself struggle for success, in love, and in all aspects of life without celebrating the life in between. Everyday is a life to make. Don’t be trapped in a fork in the road. Choose your path. Don’t be content by just looking at the horizons – climb those mountains, and see the greater beauty that lies behind.

Being in your mid 20s, is probably, one of the most crucial points in your life. It’s a phase wherein, you kept on thinking of failure and success and the life you want to make in the future. Walks on road we’re not sure of, puzzled maps and broken bridges; thus, sometimes we think we’re lost. But if there’s one thing that 2016 has taught me, that is not to hurry on anything. That sometimes we tend to compromise the most important part in our life – the life in between. Yes, there will be lots of whispers in your ears, people who will not understand, but in the end, the only voice that would matter is the inner one that dwells within us.

Before 2015 has come to an end, I made a resolution that I would divulge myself on great adventures. A year wherein I was on my lowest point. A decision that eventually changed my perspective on 366 days that just have passed.

2016 was crazy, literally it’s. Lots of adventures, hikes, and nature-fun activities made. I know I’m not smooth with people, that’s one of my weaknesses. But hiking and traveling taught me so much about the meaning of real connection and happiness.

With that feat, I’d be able to make an adventure every month of 2016, except for October. And here’s my 2016 top 5 adventures:

Thank you to the amazing people who were part of my adventurous and awesome 2016!

I wish I could do more this 2017 (asa lol) 😂😁

Wishing everyone a banging new year, 2017!



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