First Light 1.0

Nature can fathom you without conversing; in an ironic way, that humans can’t make you satisfied

First of all, I would like to greet you all a Happy New Year, and am wishing, you’re having a good one. Am I too early for greetings? It’s not yet that late right? Nah. You’re maybe laughing right now! No. Kidding aside, it has been 6 months since I had my last post in my site. I was busy and really persistent on one important thing, which I do not discuss on social media and aside from that, I was really addicted on film making especially learning Adobe Premiere Pro. You might know Sam Kolder, Taylor Cut or Nainoa Langer? These people really inspired me in a way, and I am a huge fan of their contents. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean I stopped from fueling myself with awesome adventures. Though it’s still funny how I love setting my feet on a summit while wearing acrophobia or how I enjoy an open ocean with life jacket worn, or even chasing pursuits with all uncertainties. Adventure is really one of my passions, that’s something I cannot give up – it’s a life for me though it sometimes scares me .

Withal, you might be also wondering about the title of my blog, First Light 1.0 or even my 2016 blogs. Probably, this can be answered by retrospecting on one of my first adventures in 2015, that was in Mt. Pinatubo. I was hiking with one of the strangers from Travel Factor, when she suddenly asked me, why are you hiking? What made you decide to go here? Apparently, my simple answer was – the place is beautiful. But over time, as I was continuously doing this, it scrutinized my thinking and led me to a deeper reasoning that, it fulfills and heals me in an undecipherable cause. Nature can fathom you without conversing; in an ironic way, that humans can’t make you satisfied. Thus, to clearly answer you or give you hints, you may click Quarter Life item in my site and read some blogs available in each chapter.

Let’s get out of these puzzling thoughts, and proceed with the main content of this blog post. How did I kick off the year and where have I been the past 5 months?

January 15, 2017 – Mt. Gulugod Baboy

As a starter, we kicked off the year by bringing our feet on top of Mt. Gulugod Baboy. This mountain is really for beginners. It’s an hour or two hike from the jump off point at Philpan Dive Resort, Anilao, Mabini, Batangas.

The hike was not that difficult, probably because I am already experienced to such, but since we have friends who are not used to hiking, we did slower pace and chill ascend. Overall, the summit will give you the view of Batangas Bay and its hilly terrains are very pleasing to the eyes. You can also do diving if you’re an outdoor enthusiast since the place is really known for scuba diving.

The summit is perfect for camping, gazing sunset, stars and sunrise. To know more about this, please check:

February 5, 2017 – Mt. Masalakot & Nalayag Monolith

Last February, we were eager to hike the newly opened mountain in Lobo, Batangas that suddenly became a hit because of its rock formations. Our group was one of those who tried the newly opened trail at Nalayag which was first opened during that day while the others took the old trail which requires to ascend from the other barangay.  During the hike, we got lost at some point in the course since there has no markings yet placed. While descending, you can easily notice the presence of cutted trees, which was very disappointing to see. Nevertheless, I can honestly say that this was one of my favorite trails, comparing it from my previous climbs – it’s forestry and the mini lagoons and streams will welcome you en route. This is one of the hardest climbs I did this year by far. We descended via old trail since it will be hard for us to finish the hike before twilight.

Also, few days before we climb the mountain, as I was researching and doing the itinerary, I learned that it’s really subject to destruction. Its neighboring Lioness Rock Formation wasn’t saved because of mining. The parish church and locals are against the detrimental destruction and fortunately, the attention was brought to Gina Lopez when she was assigned as DENR Secretary. And she made a decision to stop the operation at once. And recently, I was really pissed off when she was replaced in the position for some unacceptable reasons. A person like her, is what we need to save this dying earth.

The mountain was opened for hiking, not just as a new tourist destination but to serve as a source of income to locals and raise awareness about the issue. And we, who visit this place can really make a difference by empowering the use of our social media. I respect everyone’s way of flaunting this place or other places via social media. Because we have our own reasons or story to tell and I don’t judge with ignorance. But sometimes, let us not focus only on what we see and how these places amaze us but rather, let’s also examine if these places were crying at peace.

April 9, 2017 – Paguriran Island, Sorsogon

I went home last April to enjoy one of the favorite seasons of every Filipino, where we go to the best beaches or falls that our tropical country has to offer. Our family went to Bacon Sorsogon, where we needed a two-hour drive just to get into the place, that is from Daraga to Sorsogon. If you’re really into swimming this is not the best place but rather, I would suggest, you go to Subic Beach, Matnog. Also, I got wounded several times because of the sharp limestones. Nevertheless, the island offers an eye-catching view – with its white sand, rocky lagoon and perfect horizon of Mayon Volcano that can still be seen from a far.

One of the best experiences to treasure are those moments you spent with your loved ones; and I believed, we all agree on that.

April 15, 2017 – Mt. Pulag

Last but definitely not the least on my post, is my most favorite mountain thus far, Mt. Pulag. Ever since, this mountain has been on my bucketlist and maybe, everyone’s dream destination in the Philippines. At a height of 2,922 MASL, this mountain has been considered as the highest peak in Luzon, and one of the most beautiful mountains in the country.

Traversing one of the deadliest roads in the world, Kabayan to Baguio; was one of the challenges you have to outlive before you can arrive in the Ranger Station of Mt. Pulag and before you can experience camping ⛺ in one of the remote places in the Philippines, under a windy freezy night. How cool isn’t? But prior to that, our guide, Ser Mark, brought us to some of the known destinations in Benguet like, Daclan Sulfur Spring, and Jangjang Hanging Bridge,

Setting my feet in the 3rd highest mountain in the country with no sleep; numbness and having no bathing after an almost 17 km endless hike is one of the most memorable experiences I surpassed. It was so worth pursuing yet rewarding in the end. Truly, Mt. Pulag tested my limit and made my imaginative certain uncertain. Perhaps, for others, this may sound eccentric, with all the crazy stuff we’ve done. But for me, and for other outdoor lovers as well, this is our simple happiness – that only nature and discerning humans can decipher.

See you on my next blog.



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