“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.” ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

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 My Philosophy

I’ve been walking a thousand miles; passed over a history to sustain this life given to me.      As I walk through these changes, I’ve thriven for personal upliftment and survival. I have  triumphed in some of the battlegrounds in life but sometimes I have been tumbled by some  plights and challenges. Notwithstanding, it is my pride to say that I rise every time I fall and  draw blissfulness every time I succeed.

I believe that amidst of the complexities in life, we have to be optimistic. Problem and trial  come, but there’s a purpose for it. All adversities that take place serve as a guide and mold  us to be a better person.

Life is an avenue of surprises, as long as we know that we are living on God’s purpose, everything will be in the right path. I believe that we must not take life for granted; but we must value it. You only have one life, so take no regret but rather make the best of it.

Yes, I’m big enough to know what is wrong and what is right, given the wisdom to perceive the difference between among other things and I have to realize that complete happiness can be found within me, by doing good, by having passion in everything I do and most of all, by having faith in God – who always transcends my feat.

By chronicle, we all grow in knowing that life has given to us by God and as we become more knowledgeable we seek for the truth and question the present truth, but the truth is – we must not seek for it. Just live life the way it should be. Still, whatever life may bring, I will always hold on to this notion: I, as a son of God, grateful to say that life is good and beautiful.

Credits: jenny javier



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